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Organic or Raw Foods Best for Your Dog? Dog Food

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Organic or Raw Foods Best for Your Dog?

The trend is right now it's all raw and organic foods but are they the right choice for your pet? 

Are organic food is better for your Dog? 

The answer is no, Affco defines organic as the way foods are grown harvested, and processed, there's no regulatory body about organic foods and they've shown no beneficial effect to the pets being fed organic only foods. 
This is a market-driven term and a lot of people unfortunately are susceptible to it. 

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What is a raw food diet? 

Raw food diets are any diet that is not cooked or sent through a processing plant so that it can be cooked decontaminated and packaged as such. They have raw meats people will get these at grocery stores and make home-cooked preparations there's also raw food diets that are freeze-dried was also raw food diets that are simply frozen and then you thaw them out so the important thing is to remember that raw food diets come in all shapes and sizes and different forms but the most important thing to remember is they are not sent through a processing facility so that they are decontaminated and some parts rendered or removed fat consistency's and then packaged as such. 

Lot of people believe raw food diets are better than cooked diets for a variety of reasons some people feel that it helps correct one particular medical condition other people feel that the proteins and carbohydrates are more available to the dog other people feel that when you cook diets it destroys a lot of the nutrients that are in the diet, well here's the truth. There are no studies that actually prove that raw food diets are any better for your dog or cat then cook dies in fact there's a lot of studies that basically show that a lot of these diets can be dangerous and unhealthy. 

If your cat or dog is young or older or debilitated or has a chronic illness, raw foods can be especially dangerous because now along with battling that chronic illness or being a little geriatric or pediatric now they have to fight those organisms that are in raw food. 

About 20 to 25% of chicken carcasses that are harvested for this purpose actually contains salmonella there's actually a couple of studies that I read recently about two kitties who unfortunately passed away because they were so infected with salmonella and it was directly attributable to the raw food diet. 

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Dog Foodify

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