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What is the finest way to Feed Dog? How many times a day you should feed? - Dog Food

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When you feed your dog, how can you know that how many times a day you should feed your dog and change everything from reducing inflammation, improving a dog's behavior, and even stopping those annoying and obviously uncomfortable hunger pukes?  

This is something that I have learned through trial and error with my dogs as well as all of the rescue dogs that I have fostered, I have a ton of experience with feeding dogs. 

 So, I'm going to share a new way of thinking when it comes to your dog's feeding schedule. And be sure to stay until the end because after I share with you, when I feed my dog and why it's so important, I'm going to share with you some bonus tips specifically around proper hydration and more. 

 Right, yeah, short answer. I am a big advocate of feeding your dog one time a day and changing the time at which you feed every single day.  

But wait, hear me out because there are three caveats and I'm going to go into great detail on all of these.  But three caveats are the dog's age, the dog's medical and health-specific needs if any. And third, last but not least, is your schedule because yes, boo Yes, you matter when it comes to the timing and the frequency at which you feed your dog.  


Let's just jump into the damn thing. I'm going to start off with adult dogs and then I'll jump into puppies. But of course, I want to caveat everything with a partner with your holistic or integrative veterinarian if you have any medical or health concerns.  

These are just the ways that I feed my dogs and my foster dogs. And the reason I do it again is that I have found it hugely and massively beneficial to both their body's internal health as well as their mental health.  


Do you have a dog that just before mealtime they start pacing around you like a sharp nudging you with their cold nose starting to act out or even worse, hunger pubes? Comment below before I go into that, does your dog do any of those things just before meals? When I started asking questions, doing some research, and testing different ways and times of feeding my dogs, I learned really quickly that if you think about a dog and what they actually are, which is a dog, very closely related to a wolf, no wolf in the wild eats breakfast, lunch and dinner, same time every day, all throughout the year.  

They eat once a day if that and sometimes they don't even eat for a full day. And I'm not sitting here saying that my dogs are wolves. What I am saying is I have a little bit of a problem which I think if you're reading this article you need to do to your dog may be begging you for meals or acting out if you miss a meal, the way that I combated all of those things.  

What If You Feed Your Dog Once a Day? 

This is so simple. And I wish more people talked about this is I started feeding my dogs once a day, I hear this all the time, I could never imagine feeding my dog only once a day, they'd be so angry at me. But guess whose fault that is, if that's your reality, it's your fault. And I mean that respectfully because I was right there with you, dogs and animals, in general, were very rarely ever meant to be following a superstructure schedule in anything they do.  

Randomness. And variety is the spice of life, you feed your dog at the exact same time every single day, not only does the dog mentally start expecting that food, and that's why they might be acting out and begging for it and demanding it.  

What Will Happen to Their Body Due to Hunger? 

Their body biologically starts expecting and preparing for that meal. And what I mean by that is if you usually feed your dog at 08:00 am, at about 737 45. Most dogs, if there have been on a really strict routine, their stomach and gastric acid is going to start building up in preparation to digest the food that you are about to feed them.  

And if you do this every single day for two 315 10 years of their life, what's going to happen is the body becomes smart, our body, and our dog's bodies are adaptive, they're intelligent, and they're set up to help us survive and thrive. And so, the body is used to getting a meal every single day at 08:00 am, then you better believe just before 08:00 am the body's going to start preparing itself to digest the food that it's expecting to be prepared and what it does and the way that it does that again is building up gastric acids, also known as bio, that's when you see a lot of dogs start vomiting either throughout the day or just before meal time because the gastric acids start building up in preparation to digest the proteins and the fats and the macro micronutrients of the food that you're expecting and preparing to feed the dog and that acid in an empty stomach because you haven't fed yet, causes discomfort in the body wants to rid of it and that's when you get a hunger Pew and the same goes for your dog's behavior. 

Different Time Frame For Feeding Your Dog. 

If you have a dog like me who is extremely food motivated, you might find that your dog Starts tearing things up or just acting out in general when it comes to meal time, or like I said before, demanding you for meal time. And that can be frustrating because we all live life.  

And sometimes things changed.  And it's annoying candling we love our dogs don't get me wrong, So I get it, I feel for all the reasons that I have decided to explore differently and new ways of thinking when it comes to feeding.  

And that's when I started learning about the importance of just feeding once a day in addition to that not just feeding once a day, but changing up the time of day that I feed as well, frequently. So, it's not 08:00 am every day, it's 08:00 am. One day, it's 06:30 pm. Another day, it's 02:15 pm another day and keeps it completely random.  

The way that this helps your dog both mental health and physical health is thinking about it, your dog eats two or three times a day, especially in the dry food diet, the body is going to have glucose spikes or think of blood sugar, they're going to have insulin spikes, both of these things during the spike period can lead to inflammation in the body.  


And that actually applies to you as well, but that's not what this article is about. so, when you're having your dog with these peaks and valleys that can lead to inflammation multiple times throughout the day. That in my opinion is not ideal for most dogs. And I wanted to eliminate that with both my boys through feeding only once a day and feeding a low-carb diet.  

And when you feed only once a day, you're giving the dog's GI tract and their digestive system a chance to rest. This is something that I just don't see a lot of content out there on I know but it's so incredibly valuable because the dog's digestive system and their GI tract have a direct correlation with their immunity. And I'm not trying to do biology and anatomy and physiology one on one with you guys. 


 I'm just trying to break this down. In a common sense when you are feeding your dog meals multiple times a day, the GI tract never really gets a chance to fully rest. But if you feed your dog once a day, that means there's a bigger gap of time between feedings. And that means that like I said, the GI tract can rest. But it also means that the body in between feedings because there's a longer timeframe, it's not being asked, asked to digest and absorb nutrients from large amounts of food.  

And that means that it gets a chance to really metabolize the fact that you fed the dog, the proteins, and the cars, especially if you have a dog who is always seeming to be hungry, and you feel like you can never say she ate them, feeding them only once a day can help.  

And that's because there's a long time between each feeding, obviously, it's only feeding once a day. And so, the body becomes better at metabolizing, the fat, the protein, the nutrients in the food, and getting all of the nutrients out of it.  

And excluding all of the toxins and things that the body doesn't need. And the reason that works is that you're giving the body more time to digest the food, you're not asking the body to absorb and digest large amounts of nutrients. 


  1.  Every three, four or five or six hours a dog's body, they're scavengers, they were never biologically meant, in my opinion, they were never biologically meant to be eating on rigid schedules like a child human they were meant to eat when they could find food and scavenge food.  

And so, the way that I feed my dogs, I believe is more in tune with the way that they were naturally supposed to eat. So, you may be watching and going, okay, this all sounds good feeding once a day. But I don't know how to do this. And what about what time to feed them.  

I'm feeling overwhelmed. So just wait for a second, I'll give you a schedule and kind of tell you how to slowly transition to this if you decide you want to do this in just a minute. But let's first talk about time if the dog is never mentally and even naturally able to predict when and what time feeding is going to be every day, the body is never going to have a chance to start building up the bile and the gastric acid in the stomach because the dogs never going to be expecting food.  

And you better bet that over time once you've switched to once a day feeding at random times, the dog is going to be less likely to beg and start acting out and demanding dinner time or breakfast or lunch because they don't know when they're going to eat.  

And I know you may be thinking Rachel that's just not that doesn't seem right. I wouldn't want to eat once a day. Why will my dog won't eat once a day? Well, I actually also believe that humans could do better and could be healthier. Many of us, not all could be better if we actually ate less frequently our bodies we don't need to be consuming food every 234 hours now. I'm a little bit of a hypocrite because I feel like I want to eat all the time because I love food but what am trying to say is, you may think it's cruel to feed your dog once a day, and maybe it's not the best for your dog.  

But for me, the reason why I feel really good about it is I don't have dogs demanding for food, I don't have hunger pukes anymore as I had before, which imagine that's really uncomfortable for dogs, they're confident that they know they're going to get fed, it's random.  

And they get more delighted throughout the day when they get fed versus just expecting it and demanding it. And it's just created a stronger bond or relationship between my dogs and myself. And for me personally, I talked about this in the beginning about you, including you, and that you're important.  

Don’t Make Your Dog Frustrated. 

Some days, I might get up extra early, or some days I might work later in the day. And their feeding times when I used to have them on the schedule would vary. And it always caused such a ruckus in the house, the dogs would be angry, be frustrated, I would then get frustrated because they were acting out and jumping all over me, I'm trying to get worked.  

So now we're in a tough position. And we're in a time of our life. This makes me sound old, where they just they know they're going to get fed, I feed them the right amounts, they're still getting the proper number of calories. And you're all in, you're ready to go. You want to try this out, but you don't really know where to start or how. 

 So, I'm going to go into how you can start transitioning into this type of feeding schedule. And then I have two bonus tips. One about proper hydration, and one about healthy eating habits. So definitely read till the end. 

How You Can Start Transitioning into This Type of Feeding Schedule 

Let's talk about how if you're currently feeding three times a day, then maybe go down to two times a day, same amount and quantity of food. I'm not saying to feed them less and do this gradually. Maybe what's best for your dog is instead of feeding them three or four times a day you only feed them two, so they still get large chunks of time between each feed meal.  

But you don't feel like you're starving your dog and we can talk about timing and that just keep it random. Don't over-stress it like let's say you normally feed them breakfast right before you walk out the door for work or for school at 08:00 am. Okay, maybe some days when you first wake up, you feed the hubby's puppies, very important in my opinion.  

And from what I've researched, and what I've learned to feed them multiple times a day, everything that I can dig my teeth into, has said that at minimum three times a day for puppies. And when I say puppies, I mean dogs under 12 to 18 months of age. I know that's really what I thought a puppy was eight weeks No, dogs are continuing to grow most of them at least at rapid rates up to 12 to 18 months.  

Some of them even 24 months old puppies grow at extremely fast rates. So, you want to make sure that you're supplying proper nutrients frequently enough so that they grow healthy and proper. 

Bonus Tips. 

Here we go, make sure that feeding times you're not just putting the bowl down there, use feeding time is training times. Work with the work on sets, work on downs. And if you need training things you can do during meal time. 

 The second thing is, I want to ask you guys and I want you to comment this down below. How frequently are you washing your dog's food bowl and water bowl no matter what you're feeding your dog, I recommend that you rinse out and clean your dog's food bowl and water bowl at least every other day.  

Many people will say every single day, some people will say I never washed their bowls.  

Guys, here's the thing, whether you feed kibble raw food, whatever it is, there are bacteria in the food. And if you let that fester for a while, and it creates a little bit of slime around the bowl, that's not going to be healthy for any living being.  

And this tip is more for those of you who are feeding a raw fresh food diet. One way you can help your dog feel satisfied longer is by feeding them a lower carb higher fat diet. If you feed them a diet that's richer in healthy raw fats, healthy raw proteins, the dog is going to be satiated longer just like you are, I want you to comment below. How many times do you feed your dog a day?  

And is that at the same time every day? And what happens? I want you to comment on what happens if you try not to feed your dog at the same time. If you don't know I want you to try and then come back on this article and tell me I'm really curious about what you say.  

Basically, all that means is on this article and every article of mine, I want you to go into the comment section I want you to find two people you've never seen in the comment section before and I want you to leave something encouraging positive, and or kind to them. Even if they're asking a question and you don't know the answer to the question. No big deal. You can still leave them a heart emoji or say, hey, have a great day. That little bit of kindness could literally make somebody's day go from a frown to a smile. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true. If you love our mission to save all the damn dogs then if you guys have any further questions, comment them down below. 

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