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Which is the best puppy food among the world's top 7 food brands?

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Hello everyone. a different level of calculation must get started in your brain when it comes to choosing the best puppy food. But don't worry, we've decided to ease out your shopping experience by reviewing these seven famous dry puppy kibble foods, which are easily internationally available to all of you. Let's get started.  

In the review, we'll check which puppy food has the best digestibility of all on the basis of a few practical tests, and we'll teach you how to check the labels of puppy foods. This is a very common question which always comes to every dog owner’s mind. It doesn't matter if you've already owned many dogs in the past or if you're having a dog for the first time. The attractive labels on the packaging always disguise us from choosing the right one. The captivating pictures or colossal labels often make us overlook the essential labels at the back of the packet. That's how the big companies misguide us from picking the right one just to make their money. So, we have handpicked the worldwide famous puppy kibble food brands who make their good quality kibble food for puppies.  

We are gonna talk about these 7 puppy food brands:
1: N&D
2. Arcana
3. Origin
4. Royal Canin
5. Pedigree
6. Taste of the wild
7. Hill's science diet

In the review, each puppy food brand will receive stars in each round, and in the end, whichever scores the highest number of stars will win the battle. We'll evaluate the ingredient list of each puppy food by following the guidelines given by the Association of American feed control officials. Although the ingredients list should not ever be used to determine the quality of food, it can be used to roughly compare one food brand with other food brands to pick the best one for your puppy. Before doing this, it is important to understand the regulations on how the ingredients list is made.  

1: First, the ingredients must be listed in descending order of weight including water, the bigger ones will be listed first and the smaller ones listed last-second list consists of major and minor ingredients. The major ingredients will be animals or plants. 


2: Second, the minor ingredients will be minerals and vitamins and other supplements along with other minor ingredients preservatives, and also fires, stabilizers or conditioning agents, etc. That's why the list always has protein, carbs, and fat sources ahead due to their higher amount by weight than the other it such as vitamins, minerals, and supplements.  


3: Third, any ingredient listed after the salt in the list is contributing less than 1%. And the food these ingredients covers that 25% space on the packaging but in reality, are actually contributing less than 1% of themselves in the puppy food.  

We all get fooled while reading the list. If the packet is showing fresh chicken or lamb or duck and starting on the list, it doesn't mean it is contributing more protein than the one having a chicken meal or duck meal a little farther in the list. Both are contributing an equal amount of protein to the food. That's why you need to understand these terms if the list is showing chicken meat, duck meat or beef meat etc. It means this meat is the muscle tissue of the animal similar to the raw meat sold for human consumption and it is used raw it contains a high amount of water in it the chicken byproduct or beef byproduct etc on the label means it is non rendered parts of the animal other than its muscle tissue, including internal organs and bones. And the chicken meat meal or beef meal on the label means the rendered parts of the animal excluding: 

1: Blood
2. Hair
3. Hoof
4. Horn
5. Hide trimming
6. Manure
7. Stomach
8. Rumen

These are used in the making of food as the rendering process simultaneously dries the material and separates the fat from the bone and protein. So, it is left with only protein content. That's how both meat and meals contribute an equal amount of protein in the food. Let's begin then.  

Round one the Battle of ingredients.

In this round, the puppy food will get three stars for detailed ingredients one star for the salt rule, and one star for gluten-free, and a total of five stars of all parameters. 


Let's start with our mina n&d the initial ingredients tells that it derives most of the protein from chicken and is a grain type of food that is suitable for all breed type puppies. And it has no salt. That is a good sign. So far, Amina n&d get five stars out of five. 

Now an Acana puppy and junior. The initial ingredients tell that it derives most of the protein from chicken and turkey. It is a grain-free food and has no soul. So, Acana gets five stars. 


Now it's a turn of origin. It shows that most of the protein is from fresh chicken, poultry, and fish it is a grain-free diet suitable for all breed type puppies that contains no salt and only zinc key late as a nutritional additive. So, origin gets five stars out of five.


And now taste of the wild. It derives most of the protein from fish, and a grain-free diet suitable for all breed types. It has salt followed by a quite long nutritional ingredients list, which contributes less than 1% to the food. So tasted the wild gets four stars out of five.  


Now pedigree puppy chicken and milk. the ingredient list doesn't show the detailed version of ingredients. Although it shows it has chicken protein, it is difficult to decide whether to buy it or not with such fewer details of ingredients on the packet.  
For example, if my dog has an allergy to berries, so with much less detail, how would I know that the product contains berries or not?  

Well, let's move forward. It's a grain-based diet and has salt so pedigree gets one star out of five.  


Now it's the turn of the Hill science diet. It derives most of the protein from chicken meals only. It is a grain and gluten-based food. Remember, if your dog has an allergy to gluten, do check if the food is gluten-free before buying. It has salt here followed by a long list of minor ingredients used to increase the nutritional value of the food with apples, broccoli, carrots, cranberries, green peas, and the last so Hill science gets three stars. 


Last, the Royal Canin derives most of the protein from poultry and is a grain-based diet with no salt. So, while Kanan gets four stars.


Round two sink test:

Here comes the second round the sink test. The basic concept of this test is if the kibble gets to sink in the water I'm dropping, it means it has the highest amount of protein in it. If the kibble doesn't sink it has less protein or more filler. And here we go. Only an Acana sank in the water origin n&d and tasted the wild failed and the sing test.  


Round three burn test:
Let's jump to the third round the burn test. The theory behind this is the protein in the kibble will burn and the carbohydrates won't. So, if the kibble catches fire, it has a high protein content. If not and starts producing bubbles and smoke. It has less protein content. Got it? 

Let's start with n&d we are taking one kibble and going to burn and fire. Let's see will it burn or not, yeah, n&d passed the test.  

Now it's turned up an Acana. It is burning to the acana burned successfully. 

Let's see how Origen will perform. Oh, it is producing bubbles on burning the burn test. 

Now it's a turn of taste of the wild, as you can see there is no bubble formation on the burning with fire. But it caught the fire a little late than others.  

So, it takes a while to have also passed the test, and N&D, Acana, and tasted the wild pass the burn test and gets one star each.  

Therefore farmina (N&D) becomes the winner of this food review. Again, to be clear, this review doesn't tell or prove any brand bad or wrong for your dog. This all-puppy food already passed the food guidelines created by an FCO which gives this damn to all these foods safe and to consume by your puppies. This review is done to tell which one is best in quality and comparing the top internationally famous puppy food brands. Here our review comes at the end. 

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